10 + Amazing Things You Can Do After Rooting Your Android Device

You might have rooted your phone and you might be thinking about what to do after rooting the phone. Today, I'm going to share with you what to do after rooting the phone and I am sharing it with my own experience, whom I have tried in my phone. Today, going are going to tell ten points that you can try in your rooted phone and increase your phone's performance. So read this article carefully.

9+1 Amazing Things You Can Do After Rooting Your Android Device

#1. Upgrade Android Version.

When we bring a new phone, it has the latest Android version. But when Google launches a new Android version, it is received by the company update in our phone, but the company does not provide updates for some phones. So we can put custom Android version in it, for that your phone must be rooted.

Upgrade Android Version

#2. Increase Ram.

In some phones it is seen that their ram is low and the user has to face many problems in using multitasking and phone. If your phone's RAM is low then you can increase it. Roehsoft Ram Expander is an application by which we can increase any phone's ram such as 1GB, 2GB and more.

Increase Ram (Android Ram Management)

#3. Increase Internal Memory.

Many Android phones have very little internal or fast load, due to which we can not get good performance. After rooting, we can increase the internal of our phone so that we need a memory card. We will put the amount of memory card in the phone and the phone's internal will increase.

Increase Internal Memory

#4. Remove System Apps.

We can not remove the system apps that are in our phone and some apps are not of our work due to which our space is filled. Now you can remove them and we can save a lot of space in our phones.

#5. Increase Battery Life.

Does the battery life of your mobile quickly end? The biggest reason for battery draining is, the background apps run automatically and the battery of our phone ends. With the Greenify App, we can close background apps and save upto 80 percent battery life.

Increase Battery Backup

#6. Change IP Number. 

If you want to change the IP number of your mobile so you can do it easily after rooting your phone. For this, there are two apps available in the Play Store which are good, whose name is Android "ANDROID FAKE ID" and "IP changer." I like one of those apps which is called "ANDROID FAKE ID" application.

Android Fake ID

#7. Change Fonts.

In some smartphones, we can use custom fonts without rooting such as Samsung. But we can not use it in some phones, it needs to be root. When we use the custom fonts in our phone, it looks like professional. Now we will be able to use the custom fonts in our phone.

Customize Android Fonts

#8 Hack Any Games.

When we are playing games and move to a much higher level then score, points and cards are lost, then we think we can hack this game. Playing hacked and cracked games is just fun. Because in this we can make huge scores, pick up more coins, and change the names of the characters as possible. We can hack Android Apps and games with Lucky Patcher App.

Hack any Android Games and Apps with Lucky Patcher

#9. Kill WiFi Connection.

When we are using wifi, sometimes its speed becomes slow, because more people connect with wifi and use it. we can cut their wifi connection or we can have fun with them,  we can increase the speed of our Wi-Fi connection by doing this.

Kill WiFi Connection

#10. Take Full Backup.

In our phone, some data is importable and if it is deleted by mistake, then we have a option to backup it. In rooted phones we can backup all phone data such as messages, calls, files, important document, operating system etc. I mean we can take whole system data.

Take Full Backup

I hope you loved this article and now you can customize your phone in own style after rooting it. Do not forget to share this article on social media with your friends.
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