How do I get root access on my Android?

Root your and device easily.

Today we are going to know how to root android phones by computer. We root our phones because we want to fully control our phones. There are some hidden features on our phone that we can not see in non-rooted phones because the manufacturer has to hide them. When we root our phone, the rooting process reads the whole system and access the root in it. After rooting we can do whatever we want on our phones such as Game Hacking, Change Operating System, Increase Ram (Random access Memory) and Rom (Read-only Memory) and many more. If you do not know what is android root and know more about it, then you can read our previous article.

How to Root Android Phone - Step by Step

 Step 1.  First of all, you have to download the Kingo Root app for your PC and install it.

Connect your Phone with PC

 Step 3.  In addition to connecting the phone, also check that the option of USB debugging on the phone is available.

Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging

Developer Options

 Step 4.  The option of USB debugging will be found in the developer's option, which is in the setting.
If the developer's options are not visible anywhere, then you go to the phone in the settings, click on about.

 Step 5.  Here you will see the build number, press it. After continuously pressing for a while, here you will see that the developer's options in your phone are already in place.

 Step 6.  You will get the option of  USB debugging, turn it on. Done!!

 Step 7.  After you have enabled the developer option, open the Kingo Root software. You may be watching there that the device driver is being on installation. It will take some time to finish.

Device Driver Installation

 Step 8.  After the device driver is installed, you will get a permission USB debugging option, click on it.

Allow USB Debugging

 Step 9.  Now you will have the root option in front of your PC screen, click on it.

Click on Root Button

 Step 10.  Now the rooting process will start, you have to wait a bit.

Rooting Process will be start

Step 11.  After the rooting process is over, You will now see a notification "Root Success" click on the finish button, and remove your phone from the PC.

Congratulations!! Your phone is rooted :)
So friends would have rooted your phone and if you are having any problems then in the root, ask for a comment.

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