What is Android Rooting and why do we Root our Phone?

Today we will know, what is Android Rooting. If you want to customize your phone completely, then you need to root your phone. Rooting is a process by which we can fully control our phone. The work of an operating system is to maintain a link between the user and the device and the hardware when a user gives the command, then through the operating system, those commands reach the hardware, then the process gets the user to get the output. Now read the complete information about the rooting.

What is Android Rooting?

What is Android Rooting? 

Actually, every smartphone needs an operating system to run, and Android is the operating system created by Google. When a company or a brand creates a software, then it also add's some limitations to it. So that a user can not misuse it and Android is a Linux-based operating system (OS). When you start to use a mobile, you have only Guest Privileges, but you do not have permission to make changes in the Operating System (OS) or Software because the mobile company doesn't want you to have to any mobile go to the operating system to make changes.

When you bring a new phone, the mobile manufacturer puts many things on it. Many of them are apps that you do not need. But in a simple phone, you can not remove it. While on the phone at the root you can not just lock that feature into your phone, but you can also remove it from the phone. Rooting is not beneficial for you if you use services like calling, messaging and internet only on your phone. For those who want a lot to do with your phone rooting is good for them.

Advantages of Rooting?

1. Install custom ROM - Every person wants to use a latest Android version in his/her phone, and the latest Android version is not available on every phone, because we can update our phone in latest version when we get company updates. But after the Rooting, it is possible that we can change the anyone operating system and use it on the phone.

2. Uninstall System Apps - When our phones get more apps or games installed then our phone works slow, hangs and space becomes less. We can not uninstall apps that come with our phone but after rooting the phone, we can also remove the internal apps. Who came with our phone.

3. Run Only Root apps - You must have seen on the Play Store some apps are written in the Root because they can only run rooted phone but when we install them, they do not run. But after rooting, we can run them.

4. Ads Blocking - When you are using the internet on the phone or playing a game, then an advertisement has come to you that is flashing on your mobile screen every two minutes. These ads will dig up your internet pack as well as waste your time, while rooting a phone you can customize it.

5. Increase RAM or ROM - It has to be seen that there are few phones which are less RAM, they are hanging and they have enough problems to face, but you can increase your phone's RAM and ROM by doing memory card.

Disadvantages of Rooting? 

1. Losing Your Warranty - When we buy a phone and get a 1 year and 2-year warranty with it, but after rooting the phone, the company gets out of its service and warranty also goes away.

2. Phone Dead - When we are rooting our phone and we do something wrong, the chances of getting the phone's bricks are increased. I mean that our phone gets dead.

3. Related To OS - On Android phones, you get a custom operating system that you can install on your smartphone. After rooting the mobile, you will not get any latest version of your smartphone from the company.

I hope all the information about "what is the Android Root" found here. If you still have any doubt then you should ask with the comment form and share this post on social media with your friends.
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