10 Ways to Fix Hanging Problems in Android Phone

Is your phone is hanging? Due to your phone hanging you may have to face considerable many problems. We are surfing internet and playing games in our phone then our phone gets hanged, we get anger,  and we can not use the features of our phones completely and we give command, then it is takes a while later.  There may be several reasons for phone hangs and today we are going to know about how to protect our phone from being hanging problems.

10 Ways to Fix Hanging Problems in Android Phone

Phone hanging is common and when our phone is old, it hangs. Some phones have low RAM due to which they can not process properly and hanged. Because our phone's RAM is less than 1GB and the processor is not good, we have to face hanging problems. But today we will learn in this article how to protect any phone from being hang. Now let us know how to save your phone from hang.

1.Restart Your Device.

If your phone is hanged, then restart it because we use our phone 24 hours which causes more pressure on the processor and it gets hangs. Switch off your phone at least 20 to 25 minutes in 24 hours. By doing this process, your processor will do a good work and your phone will be less hang or lag.

2.Delete Unwanted Applications.

Sometimes we install more apps and games in our phone and we do not use them so that they fill the space of our phones. We should remove those applications from our phone. If there are more apps in our phone then the space of our phone will increase, due to which the apps run in the background and RAM will be used. With the use of more RAM, it is absolutely sure that our phone will hang.

3.Clear Cookies & Cache.

When we use our device for a long time, then cookies and cache are created and they are stored in our memory which is not of our any use, we should remove them.

4.Avoid Multitasking Apps.

While using the phone, we play Songs or Games and many apps are open in the recent, then remove the apps and do not multitasking much, this will make your phone hang, close them and save your phone from hanging.

5.Add Applications to the External Card.

Some people keep the installed apps in their phone in their phone memory, so that they are loaded too much due to which our phone gets hanged, if we move the installed apps to the SD card on our phone, then we can leave this problem.

6.Leave Some Space in Internal Storage.

Android phone has an internal memory card in which we store our data such as videos, songs, documents etc. and we fill our memory card due to which our phone can not load and hangs. If you leave some space on your memory card, your phone will not hang as if your memory card is 16 GB then you leave 3 GB space blank.

7.Wait at the Start of Mobile Data.

Most of our phones are hangs when we turn on data connection in our phone. Why?
Because when we turn on the data connection, there are notifications in the phone which are comes from our phone's apps, mails etc. And we start running our phone as soon as the data connection is turned on, due to which our phone is mostly hang. When we turn on the data connection, we should stop, so that all the notifications come and our phone is completely load.

8.Do not Play 3D and HD Games.

When we are getting bored then play games in our phone for our entertainment and there is no such person who does not like games, but when we play games in our phone, they are of high quality, due to which our phone hangs. I would suggest you if you have a lot of RAM in your phone, then you play 3D games and if your RAM is low then you played normal games that are supported for your phone. If your phone's RAM is less than 2GB, do not play 3D games in your phone.

9. By Using Restricted Data.

Everyone uses social messengers like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Hangouts, Google Duo  etc. But when you turn on your data, they get lots of notifications and messages. Then our phone hangs for a while, to prevent it, add it to Restricted Data which we do not use Apps. Only when you open it will be proceed, you can restrict them by going to settings >> data usage.

10. Use Best Antivirus for cleaning Malwares.

We use our phone for a long time, due to which malwares, caches are made automatically. We can remove them from our phone using the best antivirus, Whom we can not see. For the best antivirus, I will recommend you Clean Master, AVG Antivirus and Clean It etc. They are applications for clean malwares and viruses in our phone.


The tips mentioned above will stop hanging on your phone and you will get better performance. Hope you guys liked this post and did not forget to share it with your friends on social media by giving your 2 minutes valuable time.
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