How To Make Your Android Battery Last Longer

How To Save Android Smartphone Battery Life

The biggest problem and complaint in an android phone is that draining the battery life, and you want how to use android smartphone phone battery last longer? but we also know with the costly phones we get 7-8 hours of battery backup and when we are out of the home, we use Travel Charger or Powerbanks By which the battery life of our phone is recharged.

The battery finish in the android phone is a common thing because it has many features and latest apps from which we can do anything on our phone.

But does the battery life of your phone end quickly? Don't worry, we are going tell you tips and tricks to save battery life. So that your phone's battery life will boost and you will get good performance. Are you ready to know how it is possible?

1. Use Screen Brightness According To Own.

Every smartphone uses the highest battery for display, because it is the most important part of the phone, do you use the brightness of your phone according to your own? When the light is high and you are looking at your phone's screen it is looking proper, you should reduce the brightness, and if you are out of the home and are using the phone where you need light, you should increase your brightness. I hope you understand my point.

2. Don't Use Live Wallpaper.

We all know that the use of live wallpapers makes an attractive look of our phone's display, but live wallpapers use our phone's battery much more. If you have to save your battery so you can use simple wallpaper or an image whose Look attractive.

3. Check For Android Phone Updates.

Have you enabled the automatic checking function on your phone and do you update your phone's OS and new apps updates from time to time? Some Android users do not update their phone from time to time, this is their biggest mistake, due to which they can not use the features of the new version of the apps.
You need to update all the apps on your phone and you also check system updates if the company has sent any updates, then download and install it on your device.

For Checking Updates, Settings→About→Software Update→Check Updates.

4. Uninstall Useless Applications.

Often, there are some apps in our phone that do not have any use in our daily life, but we keep them on our phone, we should uninstall these apps because one is they are using your space, and the other is they are automatic run in the background to sucking your battery life. But those apps that we install manually on our phone can uninstall them but not Pre-installed apps, so go into setting and disable them.

For uninstall and disable any apps, Settings→Apps→Select App→Click on uninstall and disable button.

5. Avoid Multitasking.

In the android phone, we can run a lot of apps together, it is called multitasking, for example, when we are surfing the internet, we also listen to music. If you multitask more apps, then it will use more of your phone's CPU and battery life. So, avoid unless multitasks.

6. Don't Need Some features, Turn Off Them.

Sometimes our phones have Mobile Data, Wi-Fi, GPS, HotSpot, these features are open, if we are not using them, turn off these and save battery life and for closing these we can get good performance.

7. Don't Charge Your Battery Life Over The Limit.

Our phone takes about 2 hours to charge the full battery, but we charge it over for that our battery dies and is afraid of having an explosion, never charge the phone over the limit.

8. Use Flight Mode.

Flight mode is a feature that everyone is aware of this. We use it while we travel, the best thing about this feature is that it hibernates the phone so that all the apps notifications and phone networks are shut down. If you want to charge your phone's battery life quickly then turn on Flight Mode at the time of charging.

Bonus Tip 😃😃

Have you heard the name of the Greenify App, you might have heard it. Greenify is an app that helps in increasing battery life, but it works well in Rooted Phone but we can use it in also use Non Rooted Phone and in addition of this, we can use DU Battery Saver and Battery Doctor.


I expect you to like the post and would have known better about how to use Android Smartphone battery last longer? and you will follow the points mentioned above in it, after following these points you will really increase your phone's battery life.

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