5 iPhone X Tips and Tricks Whom You Do Not Know?

iPhone X Tips and Tricks

As you know that every product of the apple brand runs on the trend and it is very popular, just recently Apple has launched its product, iPhone X. If you like this, people are buying more and buying an iPhone x because its look and its features are that attract your mind. Anyways, if you have an iPhone X then you must know its features whom you do not know.

How To Take Screenshot in iPhone X.

Guys, you also know how screenshot can important for us? In the iPhone X, the first iPhone used to take screenshots with the help of the home button but the new iPhone does not have a home button. So how do we take screenshots, then press the right side button and the volume up button together to take a screenshot?

How to go to home screen.

You must have seen that all the handsets of the iPhone have a home button but the home button not come in the iPhone X, now you think, how do you come to the home screen? Don't worry, go to the home screen of the phone, scroll down from the bottom of the phone screen.

Enable Siri in iPhone X.

Normally, Siri is activated when we speak "Hey Siri" but you can turn Siri on the iPhone X by pressing the right side button for a few seconds while popup open.

Use Facelock in iPhone X.

This time the iPhone has provided a very good feature that is FaceLock in the iPhone X. You can also apply face lock for better protection. For this, go to Settings> Face ID & Passcode. Then the phone's camera will be turned on. Adjust your face now and set it in the circular frame. After this, turn the head towards the clock direction for final verification. Just the face ID will be set. Yippe!

Close all Apps at Once.

We do multitasking on our phone and this thing is common, but when we are not using our phone, we should close all the apps on our phone. If you want to close all apps at once, swipe up from the home of the phone and hold for a few seconds until the app switcher launches. Then you will get the option to turn off all app.


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