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About us

Hello Readers, Thank you very much for that you want to know more about us, then you are on the About page. Do you want to know more about this website and you are having a lot of questions about this website in your mind like

  • What is Android Stress and Why it made?
  • When Android Stress was created?
  • What kind of information Android Stress shares?
  • Who is the CEO & Founder of this website?
  • More...

Here you will find the answers to your questions that are running or moving in your mind. So, Don't worry read it carefully. Let's begin.

What is Android Stress and Why it made?

Android Stress - Become an Android Expert!

As we know, the smartphone is a device used most in the world and we can do a lot through smartphones, such as talking to friends and family, make video calls, send messages and surf internet and more.

Apart from these, there are many people who want to learn something new and want to be an expert for a smartphone, get news for gadgets, latest smartphone reviews and find solutions for their problems which are they facing in daily life. So that's why we have created this website and our website's tagline is also Android Stress - Become an Android Expert!

Here you can read every article on the technology topic, you can discover here Android topics such as latest guides, tips and tricks, smartphone reviews, gadgets reviews etc., and useful content on this website regularly.

When Android Stress was created?

Android Stress was created on September 21, 2017. I run this website for my passion and I want to share great kind of information with you. Because I like to write and I think I have provided some kind of help to you from my articles written by me.

What kind of information Android Stress shares?

Android Stress is a micro niche website where you will get technology related information and on Android Stress, you will find information on different topics. like

  • Android Guides.
  • Smartphone Reviews.
  • Gadgets Reviews.
  • Safety Information.
  • Tips and Tricks.
  • Other...

A sight towards the author.

What is the CEO & Founder of this website? Still will be in your mind,

Reitesh Kumar

I am Reitesh Kumar from New Delhi India and I am 14 years old and I am a student now and I am doing part time blogging and want to do full time blogging but it is not possible because I have to go to school. I used the first time internet in 2012, but when I did not know much about it but when I got my personal phone on 27 April 2015.

I started my further information and started getting knowledge. I still remember how and when I came to the field of blogging, one day (24 December 2015) when I was using Facebook, there was an article on my timeline. The article is that "How to create your own free website on Google" whom Facebook sponsored, then my mind attracted it.

So I read that article and made the website but I did not know how to manage it, writing articles, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), AdSense etc., I did not know about all these things because I was a Beginner. I had created many websites before but it did not run as well and I have to take a decision that I will now run a website and never close it. So I created Android Stress, now on this website, I share fresh content for you.

Hope you guys, got to know a lot about this website and this website also provides you daily fresh content. Please also tell your friends about this website. You want to be always connected with me so you can connect me on social media. Thank you for reading about us.

Facebook: @ReiteshOfficial
Twitter: @ReiteshKumar
Instagram: @reiteshkumar
Linkedin: @reiteshk

If you need my help on any topic, please contact me without any hesitation. I will always ready for your help.

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